Proudly Made in the Usa!

Liquid Packaging Solutions, Inc. takes pride in the fact that our packaging machinery is a product of the United States of America! Located in LaPorte, IN, just 50 miles east of Chicago, LPS machines are made in the USA but ship around the world!

LPS conveyors come in aluminum, stainless steel and poly models. Virtually any length of conveyor can be manufactured in our Indiana plant, with curved section and custom belt material for special projects. Conveyor line height can be custom fitted to your packaging system and incline/decline conveyors are also available!

LPS also manufactures bottle rinsers right in our plant! Air rinsers can blow dust and debris out of the bottle to prepare them for the filling process. Wet rinsers allow for the same, rinsing the inside, or the inside and outside of the bottle to prepare the bottle for the next phase on your packaging system!

Filling machinery from Liquid Packaging Solutions include the popular overflow filler, which works great on foaming products and thin viscosity products. The overflow filler allows for a consistent fill on each and every bottle, which means you can rest assured that your product is ready for presentation to the customer! Gravity fillers and pump fillers are manufactured at LPS for thicker products and products with particulate.

The LPS Spindle Capper is one of our most popular models, and it has been sent from our Indiana plant all over the world, either to upgrade a packaging system or as a part of a packaging system! The spindle capper uses an elevator or vibratory bowl and chute to deliver the cap to the bottle and present both to the spindle wheels. The spindle wheels then tighten the cap! LPS also offers handheld and tabletop chuck capping machines for smaller production facilities!

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