Recapping LPS Capping Machines

As 2014 comes to a close, we would like to take a few days to cover the different categories of equipment manufactured by Liquid Packaging Solutions, starting with our capping machinery. While packagers can choose from a number of different capping machine styles, those choices will obviously be limited by the type of closure being used on their bottles or other containers. Below are a few of the more popular pieces of capping equipment from LPS.


Automatic spindle cappers are used for a number of different screw on type closures. These may be simple flat caps like those found on bottle water and other beverages or they may include flip-top caps, pump type closures or even trigger sprayers. One of the main advantage of automatic spindle cappers is that they allow continuous capping when combined with automatic cap delivery systems and power conveyor systems. These machines can add not only speed, but also consistency and reliability in the tightening process. In addition to automatic machines, spindle cappers are available in semi-automatic and tabletop models as well.


Chuck capping machines are also available for screw on type closures, though automatic chuck cappers may not be quite as popular as the spindle capper. Chuck capping machines, however, jump in popularity at the semi-automatic level. These machines may or may not add speed to a lot of different packaging processes, but both handheld and tabletop models allow for economical solutions that also increase both consistency and reliability to the capping process. Automatic chuck capping machines may also be a better choice than spindle cappers for certain projects such as vials, tubes and smaller packages.


Snap capping machines work with bottles and containers that require downward pressure to "snap" the lid into place, rather than threads to screw on the top. These machines will use either a press-on type belt or a type of stomper to apply the necessary pressure to secure the lid in place. Like with almost all models of cappers, the snap capper can be manufactured to run production automatically or as a semi-automatic machine requiring operator assistance.


Gaining in popularity are combination capping machines that include a bartop corker and a capsule spinner. The gain in popularity is the direct result of the growth of the distilled spirits industry. Bartop corkers are used to press and secure T-corks and other cork type closures in distilled spirits, wine bottles, olive oils and several other products. Capsule spinners are used to provide tamper proof seals on many of these same products. Both the bartop corker and the capsule spinner can be manufactured to run production automatically as well as semi-automatically.


Liquid Packaging Solutions also manufactures spindle/snap capper combinations, pail lid pressers and custom capping equipment for special packaging projects. Though the machines above are arguably the most popular bottle cappers produced on our production floor, each and every project receives detailed attention to allow us to provide the best capping solution to each packager, whether the machine be "standard" or something designed and engineered from scratch.