Restock Wear Parts Now For the Winter Months

While we are not weather forecasters, there are some indications, such as a quick look at the Farmer's Almanac, that this winter will be a near repeat of last year’s winter. In addition, Liquid Packaging Solutions sits just south of Lake Michigan, which can bring unpredictable weather at times in the form of "lake-effect snow". Living and working in Indiana, we understand the delays and cancellations that come with winter weather.

However, we also understand that good preparation can make that unpredictable weather a little more tolerable. Well, preparation, a heater and four-wheel drive anyway. That is why we urge our family of packagers to prepare their packaging machinery for the winter as well! While LPS stocks a wide range of replacement and wear parts at our facility in Northern Indiana, winter weather has been known to delay the delivery of those part. Even when cool but clear in the Midwest, delays can result from weather in other areas of the United States.

Having specific parts on the shelf at the packager's production facility can help to avoid weather and delivery delays. For example, seals for overflow fillers are wear parts - parts of the machine that contact product, packages or other parts and may wear out over time - that can cause a nozzle to become unusable if the seal is compromised. Spindle wheels on a capping machine can lead to loose caps after they make their way through the machine. Though simple parts, these two items have the potential to reduce or even stop production until a replacement part can be obtained. Of course, each machine will have unique wear parts based on the components used in manufacturing. Ideally, a packager would keep wear parts for each machine on the shelf to avoid extended down times. Wear parts for those machines manufactured by LPS such as conveyors, turntables, container cleaning equipment, filling machines, capping machines and custom equipment, are kept in stock on our shelves. But even parts for machinery that we integrate, such as induction sealers and coding equipment, will normally be ready and waiting in our own inventory.

For those packagers who are unsure of what exactly constitutes a wear part, or which parts should be kept on the shelf due to their potential to shut down a line, the LPS Parts & Technical Service Team can be reached toll free at 1-888-393-3693 to discuss the equipment currently being used to run production. This department can also assist with troubleshooting or service calls as well. Packagers can also email the head of our Parts & Technical Service Team at

To help everyone prepare for those upcoming winter months, LPS will offer a discount on all parts orders between now and November 1st, 2015. Just mention to the Parts Representative that you are restocking and getting ready for the winter months to get the Ready For Winter Discount!