See Liquid Packaging Solutions Run on YouTube

For those familiar with Liquid Packaging Solutions, it comes as no surprise that we manufacture a number of different packaging machines. Our line of equipment manufactured in La Porte, Indiana includes loading and accumulating turntables, power conveyor systems, liquid fillers, bottle capping machines, container cleaning equipment and more, including custom designed systems for a number of different industries. But when a packager is looking for a single machine or one component of a packaging line, they often fail to recognize the ability of LPS to build and integrate to create a complete line on site. For this reason we like to direct people to our YouTube site as the videos we post not only show the range of equipment manufactured by LPS, but allow packagers to get a glimpse behind the scenes, as many of the videos involve in-house testing in the LPS plant, done to ensure the equipment is ready for the production floor before it reaches the packager.


Container cleaning equipment includes machinery to rinse and wash bottles using either air, water or other cleaning liquids. LPS manufactures both automatic and semi-automatic rinsing and washing machines to help packagers with any size production demands. These machines are especially popular in industries that package edible or ingestible products, such as foods and beverages. Simply click below for a couple samples of rinsing machines.

Automatic Rinsing Machine
Semi-Automatic Rinsing Machine (with Overflow Filler)


Bottle fillers are manufactured to handle products that are free-flowing as well as thicker products. Like container cleaning equipment, these packaging machines can be manufactured to run automatically or with operator assistance. Liquid filling machines from LPS are used in almost every industry imaginable, including industries such as Bottled Water, Food and Beverage, Pharmaceuticals, Chemicals, Household Products and more. Click below to see an overflow filler, normally used for free-flowing products, and a piston filler for thicker liquids.

Automatic Overflow Filler
Tabletop Piston Filler


Obviously, the type of capping machine used for any packaging project will depend on the type of closure used for that project. LPS manufactures bottle cappers for screw on type caps, snap on caps, T-corks, plugs and more. Capping machines range from simple handheld machines to completely automatic equipment with cap delivery systems. Again, capping machines are popular across all industries, with different machines more popular in specific industries. For example, a bartop corker will be seen more often in lines for distilled spirits and wines than most other products. Click below to see an automatic spindle capper and a tabletop chuck capping machine.

Automatic Spindle Capper
Tabletop Chuck Capping Machine


As noted above, LPS also offers packagers complete systems, using the machinery we manufacture ourselves combined with equipment from OEM's in the packaging industry. These systems will be hand tailored to the individual needs of each specific project. An analysis of production demands and growth potential, along with the components being used, such as bottles, caps and labels, are a few of the variables that will help to choose the correct equipment for any project. Click below for one example of a complete line from LPS.

Turnkey Packaging System

The following is only a small sampling of the videos found on the LPS YouTube site, as well as a small sampling of the capabilites of Liquid Packaging Solutions. Feel free to browse our channel to see other equipment and projects, or contact LPS directly and toll-free at 1-888-393-3693.