Summer Sale - Packaging Equipment Parts

As we do every year, Liquid Packaging Solutions will offer a discount on all parts sales at the beginning of the summer months in our attempt to help our family of customers enjoy the warm weather! Throughout the month of June, LPS will offer a discount on all parts orders to anyone who mentions this news article when placing an order.

Now is the time to stock up on motors, air regulators, nozzles, nozzle tips, spindle wheels and all of the other wear and spare parts that keep your packaging machinery running smoothly. As always, LPS suggests keeping wear parts in stock for each machine being used on the floor. Think of keeping these items on hand as your own personal daylight savings tool and avoid losing production time to fabricating or shipping delays should those parts need replacement. Our parts department keeps wear parts in stock for rinsing machines, filling machines, capping equipment and many other pieces of machinery. Of course, many pieces manufactured by LPS are custom projects and for these customers it is always better to re-stock parts early if you know you have custom components on the equipment, as some of these items will be fabricated only on an as-needed basis.

Of course, LPS also has technical service available should equipment need an upgrade or even a simple tune-up for the warmer months. Technical service and assistance for all packaging machinery can normally be provided effectively with a simple phone call guiding operators through a fix. However, in those rare instances when more thorough work is necessary, LPS Packaging Specialists are available for on-site assistance and re-training if necessary.

To order parts or inquire about technical service, simply use the Toll-Free number - 1-888-393-3693 - and ask for extension 304. In the alternative, requests can be emailed to So get those orders in and those machines running before the end of June and enjoy what will hopefully be a sun-filled 2016 summer!