Tabletop Overflow Filler Video

Liquid Packaging Solutions, Inc. offers numerous liquid filling machines for your packaging system. Below is a link to a video of a tabletop overflow filler! This machine offers a space saving liquid filling machine to those bottlers running products with a thin to medium viscosity. Click on the link below to see a short clip of the tabletop overflow filler working.

The overflow filler offers a consistent, level fill on all containers. This feature helps ready your product for presentation on the shelf! The overflow filler can also reduce product waste, as any overage flows out of the bottle and back into the supply tank! To learn more about the LPS tabletop overflow filler, you can click on the link below:

The tabletop overflow filler from Liquid Packaging Solutions, Inc. is being presented as one of several special offers through the end of the month. To see other October packaging machine specials from LPS, visit the Specials page of our website:

If you have additional questions or comments about the tabletop overflow filler or any of the other packaging machinery you may want to add to your packaging system, feel free to contact your regional representative at Liquid Packaging Solutions, Inc. The toll free number is: