Top Ten Packaging Machines


Today we, Liquid Packaging Solutions, Inc., present to you the top ten packaging machines for the year 2011.  We're early, there is absolutely no science behind the ranking process and there is currently no ceremony for the winners, but if you want to learn a little more about some of the popular packaging products offered by LPS, keep reading.

These little packaging machines play a crucial part in keeping things moving in the right direction.  On automated packaging systems with multiple sections of power conveyors, bottle separators can move containers through the gaps in the sections and over dead plates.  Bottle separators also create space between containers for processes such as labeling, ensuring that each bottle receives only one label and that labels are applied consistently and reliably.  For stopping jams and giving us some space, the disc-type bottle separator earns a number ten ranking.

Who wants to spend all day loading individual bottles onto a belt conveyor system?  Anyone?  The loading turntable makes sure no one will be stuck with this tedious chore.  With a loading table or area, bulk bottles can be placed onto the turntable, which will then deliver the individual bottles to the belt conveyor system. For breaking up the monotony of the day, the stainless steel loading turntable comes in at number nine.

Not everyone needs or wants to mass produce their products on a daily basis.  Tabletop chuck cappers allow low to medium production facilities the ability to consistently and securely seal containers without having to tighten each one by hand.  For the contribution in helping to wipe out wrist injuries, the tabletop chuck capper spins into the number eight spot on the list.

The tabletop pump filling machine can also be used by low to medium production facilities.  These space-saving liquid fillers use a pump matched to the individual product to reach peak performance for products both thick and thin.  For its' versatility and, yes, its' small stature, the tabletop pump filler oozes into the seventh spot on the list.

Nitrogen purge systems allow for longer product shelf life while preserving color, taste and texture.  These packaging machines do this by replacing oxygen in bottles and containers with nitrogen.  This is normally done just before or after filling or just prior to capping.  These systems can also add strength and rigidity to plastic containers.  The nitrogen purge machines take our breath away at number six on the list.

Labeling machines can apply labels in a number of different formats, but a simple wrap label around a bottle can work wonders for the product and package appearance.  Each bottle rotates as it passes through the labeling machine, allowing the label to be applied consistently around the bottle using a wrap belt to avoid wrinkles.  These labeling machines can handle a wide range of label sizes and will keep up with most automated packaging lines.  The automatic wrap labeler makes our head spin at number five.

Dirty bottle?  No problem!  The automatic bottle vacuum uses dual action nozzles to first blast the inside of containers with high pressure air.  The nozzles then vacuum the loosened dust and debris into a removable waste reservoir for easy disposal.  Clean bottles are then sent down the belt conveyor system to be filled, capped and labeled.  For keeping things clean, the automatic bottle vacuum ranks number four on the packaging machine top ten list.

Belt conveyor systems hold the packaging line together, allowing all the packaging machines to do their job without interference from outside "hands".  These conveyor systems can move in a straight line, include 90 degree curves, inclines, declines and whatever other configuration is necessary to get the job done.  For helping everyone get along, power conveyors rank number three on the list.

The automatic spindle capper uses an automated cap delivery system and several sets of tightening discs to allow for continuous capping on an automatic packaging line.  Easily adjustments allow the capper to run a wide variety of both bottle and cap types and sizes.  We tip our cap to this capping machine at number two on the list.

This filling machine consistently fills containers to the same level, even when the interior volume of the containers may vary just a bit.  The nozzles on the filling machine allows product to reach a certain level in the container.  However, when this level is reached, product overflows to a reservoir where it will be used in a later fill cycle.  The result is a clean, consistent line once your product reaches the shelf.  So, for simply looking so good, the automatic overflow filler dives past the competition to the number one spot on the list!

Of course, Liquid Packaging Solutions manufactures many packaging machines that did not make the list...this time!  For more information on the top ten packaging machines or any of the other equipment offered by LPS, contact a Packaging Specialist toll free today at:  1-888-393-3693.