Upgradeable Filling Machines

Upgradeable Filling Machines

Production requirements are one of the most important factors to consider when purchasing a new filling machine.  Tabletop filling equipment is unlikely to get the job done where tens of thousands of bottles need to be filled on a daily basis.  For the most part, knowing your current production rate will allow you to choose the right liquid filling machine to meet your current needs, but how do you predict increases in product demand and plan for additional production in the future?

A majority of the filling equipment manufactured by Liquid Packaging Solutions, Inc. (LPS) allows for future growth.  The ability to upgrade bottle filling machines stems from the design and manufacture of the filler frame.  Standard liquid filler frames allow for a range of fill heads based on the filling principle.  Of course, custom liquid filling machines may be manufactured outside of these ranges, but as a general rule the fill head ranges are as follows:  

   Automatic Overflow Filler -            up to 16 fill heads
   Automatic Gravity Filler -          up to 16 fill heads
   Automatic Pump Filler -            up to 6 fill heads
   Tabletop Overflow Filler -              up to 4 fill heads
   Tabletop Gravity Filler -    up to 4 fill heads
   Tabletop Pump Filler -   up to 2 fill heads

Piston fillers, corrossion resistant filling machines and specialty fillers can also be built using a filler frame that allows for growth.  To better illustrate the ability of the filling machinery to grow with the company, let's look at an example.

Assume that Filling Company has just purchased an automatic overflow filler.  Filling Company wants to produce about 8,000 bottles of product per day.  Their overflow filler will run for eight hours a day with four fill heads to produce this amount.  After six months and some shelf exposure, Filling Company receives an order for their product that doubles their production requirements.  Filling Company now needs to produce about 16,000 bottles per day!  Since Filling Company's overflow filler was manufactured with an upgradeable frame, there is no need to purchase a new filling machine.  Instead, Filling Company can purchase additional fill heads for their existing machine to increase the overflow filler output.  Note that the filling machine still uses only eight fill heads and that the overflow filler could still handle the production requirements if the demand for the product again doubled!

Assuming Filling Company continued to grow and demand continued to rise, the overflow filling machine may eventually reach the maximum number of sixteen fill heads for a standard machine.  At this point, Filling Company could either add an additional shift to produce product or add an additional packaging line with a second filling machine.  This example shows the full growth potential of what began as a four head overflow filler.  For smaller companies, tabletop filling machines that begin with a single fill head can also be upgraded to four fill heads, depending on the filling principle.  

The ability of liquid filling machines to grow with your company is only one of the many features offered by LPS machinery.  To learn more about any of the filling equipment offered by Liquid Packaging Solutions, call a Packaging Specialist toll free today at 1-888-393-3693!