Using the Solution Wizard to Build Your Packaging System


One way that Liquid Packaging Solutions, Inc. sets itself apart from other packaging machine manufacturers is by offering full integration of a packaging line.  Not only do the employees of LPS design and manufacture individual packaging machines, but we also design and manufacture complete packaging systems. Integration, in general, refers to taking individual pieces and putting them together to make the whole.  For example, LPS may manufacture an automatic rinsing machine, a liquid filler, a spindle capping machine and a belt conveyor system for a customer.  In addition, the customer may require a labeling machine and a pallet wrapper to complete their packaging line.  Through strong relationships built over time with packaging industry OEM's - other equipment manufacturers - LPS can procure the labeler and pallet wrapper and design, integrate and install a complete packaging system for our customers.  The Solution Wizard found on the LPS Home Page allows those looking for a complete packaging system to get a head start!
The Solution Wizard only requires a user to select their industry (or the closest related industry) and the viscosity of their product.  Users of the Solution Wizard simply click on the industry under Step One, then on the estimated product viscosity under Step Two.  Once these two selections are made, clicking OK will take the user to a list of starting systems for the industry and viscosity entered.  Of course, these are not the only possible lines for the combination chosen, but rather give the user several options as they begin to design their own system!  
For example, if a person chose the personal care industry and a viscosity similar to water, then clicked OK, they would see an automated packaging system, a tabletop packaging system and a uniframe filling system for the combination chosen.  From here, users of the Solution Wizard can view the system.  Clicking on the system details link of the automated system would show the user that the system includes turntables, conveyors, container cleaning equipment, an overflow filling machine and a spindle capping machine.  Clicking "save and customize" will allow the user to add and delete packaging machines until he or she is satisfied with each component of the packaging system.
** NOTE:  Before saving and customizing a packaging system, the Solution Wizard will require users to sign up for a free account.  This account allows access to the database that lets users save multiple systems and keep notes on each of their systems.  Signing up also allows LPS representatives to view your customized lines when requested and answer quick questions regarding packaging lines, packaging equipment, prices and more. **
Users can also build systems from scratch by simply browsing the Liquid Packaging Solutions website.  On each and every product page, a button titled ADD TO MY SYSTEM will appear.  If a user would like to add any piece of packaging equipment to a customized system, they can simply click on this button.  This allows users to move from filling machinery to capping machinery, container cleaning equipment, conveyor systems, end of the line equipment and more to add each machine desired.  
Once the user has added all of the necessary machines, one simple click will allow a request for a quote on the personalized system.  Quote request buttons will be found on all system pages as well as each product page on the website, allowing quote requests for single machines as well as complete systems.  A Packaging Specialist will contact the user within twenty four hours regarding any quote request received.
The Solution Wizard is an attempt to assist those looking for a complete packaging system.  LPS would love to hear from you with feedback regarding the Solution Wizard.  If you have questions, suggestions or just an opinion regarding the Wizard, please send your email to or call toll free at 1-888-393-3693.