You Pick the Cap, We'll Build the Capper!

Think about all the different packaged products you have in your home right now. Maybe bottled water, juices or a bottle of wine. Some spaghetti sauce in the cupboard along with honey, peanut butter and other food items. Some window cleaner, bleach and other items for tidying up the house. The medicine cabinet likely has some pills for a headache if not cough syrup or other medications. Each of these containers will likely be sealed with a different type of cap, from simple flat screw-on type caps to trigger sprayers, snap on lids, flip-tops and even cork or cork-like stoppers. At Liquid Packaging Solutions, we can manufacture a capping machine to handle almost any closure you decide to use on your product.

The type of capping machine to be used will always depend on the type of closure being used, with different capping machines manufactured for different types of caps. Some machines can handle a number of different cap types, while others may be custom manufactured to handle a one-of-a-kind closure. For instance, spindle capping machines can tighten screw-on type caps. But screw-on caps can themselves come in many different varieties. Bottled water uses a simple flat cap, while the window cleaner will likely be closed with a trigger sprayer that also tightens by screwing on. The spindle capper can be a part of a packaging system for either of these cap types, but will require some modification to handle the trigger sprayer or a project that handles both flat caps and trigger sprayers.

Corking machines are popular in the distilled spirits industry, to place and push down T-corks into the typically 750 ml bottle found in the industry. However, these sealing machines can be used on different bottle types in the industry as well as in other industries for cork like closures. Many pills will use a snap on type closure, which is simply pressed down to achieve a reliable seal (and often combined with some type of tamper evident packaging such as an induction seal or a neck band). Snap capping machines can be manufactured on the same frame as with many of the same components as a spindle capper, which also allows the two machines to be combined for contract packagers and others in the packaging industry that handle both types of caps.

Regardless of the type of closure chosen for any particular packaging project, Liquid Packaging Solutions can work with a company to find the best capping solution for any particular undertaking. In addition, almost every capping machine is available in either a semi-automatic or an automatic model. Most automatic models will include a cap delivery system that allows operators to simply replenish bulk closures from time to time while the machine will deliver the individual caps to the bottles or other containers. Semi-automatic models will usually require an operator to place a cap on each container as well as activate the capping process. The automation level to be used will almost always depend on the production demands that must be met.

To learn more about the different bottle cappers manufactured by Liquid Packaging Solutions, visit the capping machinery section of the website. For questions, or to request a quote, contact a Packaging Specialist from LPS toll free at 1-888-393-3693.