FOOD & BEVERAGE - Basic Automated System - Thin Products

Foods and Beverages run the gamut from thin to thick products.  In addition, the packages that hold these products can vary greatly.  So while equipment may vary based on the range of products and the different containers used, a typical automatic system for thin Food and Beverage products would include:

In addition, given the fact that the products in this industry are ingested, the machinery will almost always be manufactured for a sanitary process, to ensure that product is not contaminated during packaging.  Like other industries, the typical automatic system will not be ideal for every product, and other equipment can be added along with modifications to the equipment found above, to reach an ideal solution for each individual packaging project.

Liquid Packaging Solutions does not manufacture labeling equipment.  However, LPS can recommend a manufacturer of labeling equipment based on your bottles, labels and other project components to integrate with other LPS machinery to form a complete packaging system.

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