CBD OILS & CANNABIS PRODUCTS - Basic Automated System

CBD oils have seen a significant increase in use over the past few years, even as the benefits of the product continue to be revealed.  Cannabis infused products are becoming more and more popular as regulations surrounding the product are lessened or as the product is made legal.  These products are often packaged in smaller containers, often including droppers, which means that a typical system may include:

The monoblock system, ideal for smaller bottles and containers, will allow a packager of CBD oils or cannabis infused products to fill, cap, seal, label or otherwise prepare product for the shelf.  However, exceptions do exist to the small bottle packaging, in which case inline packaging machinery may be used for infused drinks, foods or other items falling in to this industry.  A typical inline system for these products may include:

In some cases, alternatives to the packaging machinery listed above may be used for a CBD oil or cannabis infused product, depending on the specific needs of the packager, the product, container and closure.  Additional equipment may also be added to a line, such as rinsing machines, coding equipment and more.  Each packaging line will be modified to fit the specific needs of the packager on a case-by-case basis.

* Liquid Packaging Solutions does not manufacture labeling equipment.  However, LPS can recommend a manufacturer of labeling equipment based on your bottles, labels and other project components to integrate with other LPS machinery to form a complete packaging system.

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